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Oyama Mabandla

Oyama Mabandla,
Board Member

Oyama Mabandla was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1963. He went into exile at the age of 17 in 1980 to participate in the struggle for freedom and justice in South Africa. Mabandla later attended the University of California at San Diego, where he earned a degree in Political Science and then Columbia University Law School in New York City where he earned a Juris Doctor (JD). On his return to South Africa in 1996, he worked in investment banking for the Union Bank of Switserland (UBS) in mergers and acquisitions. He later joined the Johannesburg Bar as an an advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa. He was then headhunted by the national airline South African Airways as General Counsel. He would later become deputy CEO and acting CEO of the airline. Mabandla is a past chairman of the Vodacom Group, South Africa's largest cellular phone network and has served as a member of the JP Morgan advisory board for Africa. He is a member of the Mapungubve Institute for Strategic Reflection (Mistra), a South African think tank, recently recognized as among the Top Ten new think tanks globally by the University of Pennsylvania Index, board of governors. He is also the executive chairman of the Langa Group, an investment company.