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background and goals


TAFAR was first imagined by a group of international journalists as a way of plugging the “journalism gap” in Africa, and in the process providing support for civil society—the basic building block of functioning democracies.

It has long been recognized that a vibrant media plays a key role in the development of societies, a role that goes beyond reporting news and events to help foster freedom of expression and diversity of information, engaging and empowering communities and underpinning development and good governance.

TAFAR takes its name from the Swahili root meaning “to illuminate” or “to enlighten”. These are the fundamental goals of the organization. The Foundation believes that the free flow of ideas by word and image is a prerequisite for social and economic development.


TAFAR exists to improve the means by which the world understands developments in Africa; and to provide African societies with a tool to hold governments, corporations and institutions accountable at a key moment in the continent’s development.

TAFAR believes there is also a critical need to cover and report on Africa’s incredible success stories. Detailed story telling is the most powerful way of communicating the profound change underway in Africa. Understanding unlocks investment, development and improves the constituencies demanding stronger institutions, all of which are vital to improving civil society.

As a first step, TAFAR will create a distinctive news agency and data collection center that produces high-quality public service reporting and analysis for Africa and the rest of the world. Its guiding principles are accuracy, depth and independence.

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